Millie Savage is a young jewelry artist and clothing designer originally from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Her obsession with the magic and beauty that can be found in life's smallest things is reflected through out her works. In her collections she often uses premium beads, sequins, and golden threads- creating little worlds of wonder you can dive into and immerse yourself in.

Millie has recently moved her life and studio from Melbourne to Bali, Indonesia but her working process has not changed and all clothes are still 100% designed by Millie. Furthermore all clothing is made in-house at Not A Stitch Up Productions, a factory owned by Millie Savage and Zepha Jackson. Each fabric is also ethically sourced by Millie and the beading work done by local ladies who work with love and passion.

Not a Stitch Up Production Factory

 At Not A Stitch Up the mission is to make ethical production the new standard, and MSL keeps to this ethos. This beautiful “factory”, where people are inspired to give their best, is where all MSL is produced. MSL can guarantee all our stitches will be done in house, meaning we will be there watching like hawks not only that your garments are sewn with care but under the best conditions.

MSL ensures a rad level of craftsmanship and promises each piece is magic in your hands for years to come X

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